The magazine

The unique approach of the Online Gambling Quarterly

  • Content – The magazine focuses on data analyses, benchmark figures, “hard” numbers, …. These are the key contents a trade magazine should include according to more than 90% of the industry decision makers (survey fall 2015).
  • Style and format – Mostly “business/executive” style, such as bullet points, many graphics, PowerPoint-like landscape/horizontal format, … We realized that most executives just do not have the time to read long running texts and would be much more comfortable with the style they are used to from their daily office work (survey fall 2015).
  • Special topic in each edition – In addition to recurring data analyses, … we include in-depth analyses of selected special topics in each edition.
  • Free distribution – The magazine is distributed for free to executives and decision makers in the online gambling industry.
  • What our readers say – The feedback we received was unanimously very positive and included comments such as “Excellent” (NYX, Digital Marketing Leader), “Fantastic Insights” (BetVictor, Lead Sportsbook Development), and many more. Click here for a short selection of some feedback we received so far.

Data-driven analyses

Analyses of data and figures are seen as one of the most important content of a good trade magazine. But only a small number of decision makers seems to find these “hard” numbers in the existing trade magazines.

And this is where the Online Gambling Quarterly comes in. The focus of the magazine is on data analyses, such as revenue and cost benchmarks, affiliate marketing, quantitative comparisons of product offerings, …


Recognizing and assessing trends early is one of the key tasks of executives. We try to support them in this challenge with a dedicated section on trends. This includes product trends, marketing ideas, new business ideas, … as well as any other innovations that could change the game.


When it comes to relevant opinions and assessments we want to be as objective as we can. Therefore, we do not rely on individual statements, interviews, … but instead regularly survey industry decision makers. One of the survey topics is the overall industry climate, which we have already been analysing the past two years. In addition, we document the industry response to relevant trends and current relevant topics.